For the longest time, I've been on the lookout for something a little more on the realistic side for my fantasies, and the popular listings on sites that rhyme with "Tad Cragon" and "Limal Curdwere" had options that simply never fit my fancy. It was a tough decision, especially when buying toys is such a big investment for anyone with a budget.
Lo and behold, exotic-erotics comes into the fray, with exactly what I didn't know what I was looking for: it's lifecast line.
One look and Exotic-erotics immediately puts itself above other toy-makers by its glaringly lower prices. I was shocked. The second I saw Murray, I knew I found what I was looking for. After some thought and some saving, I placed my order and before I even knew it, my order was at my doorstep in a week's time. The other reviews praising the fast shipping times are not faceted in the slightest. Exotic-erotics has been extremely impressive so far, so imagine my excitement when opening the box to finally fulfill my fantasy after so long.
I ordered Murray in the blood-red color and in the hardest firmness with a suction cup (I wanted practicality while also being on a budget). It was surreal to hold it in my hands and observe its features, and it tantalized me. I was looking forward to trying it out.
So how does it feel?
Well, one thing that I didn't expect in hindsight was the absolutely massive knot. It's not a joke. I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to my toys, so when I read the description and it promoted itself as a beginner's friendly toy, I was confident that I would be able to handle it, despite the knot's 8 inches in circumference.
Now, since I ordered this toy in the hardest firmness, this meant that the knot itself doesn't "squish" as much compared to its soft and medium counterparts, so my toy was (firmly, pun intended) stuck at 8 inches with no room to "squish" for easier penetration. The penetration of the shaft itself was nice. Murray was nothing like I ever felt before and the tip of his head tickled my insides with every thrust, but once I tried to insert the knot, it... just didn't want to happen.
Thankfully, exotic-erotics offers split firmness options, so I highly recommend investing the extra money on soft or medium firmness on the knot and hard firmness on the rest of the toy, because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get it in after my first few sessions.
I was frustrated and unaccomplished. I wanted to use my money's worth, but I just couldn't, so I saved up and ordered Bartlebee after a few months of saving up, but that review will come later. Let's just say that I had to abandon Murray temporarily in favor of Bartlebee's smaller knot.

So did I ever manage to fully experience what Murray had to offer?
Eventually, yes. But it took so many sessions to "open up" for that absolutely massive knot with so much lubricant that I could have probably skate on the floor at that point. I managed to finally put it in one day, and I felt triumphant and wanted to cry in happiness. I was so proud of myself for my persistence, but my celebration was cut short after a few seconds when I remembered "Hey, I'm not very experienced at this".
I immediately learned that Murray keeps himself inside you very, very well. Even more so than Bartlebee. I'd imagine it's because of his massive knot, but I'm no physics expert, so that's where my verdicts end.
The feeling of Murray all the way inside me was such a foreign feeling. It definitely "filled you up", as other toy enthusiasts would say, but to me, the hardest firmness didn't do itself any favors at comfort and this toy has proven to be an entirely different beast than I expected it to be. I had enough, and after struggling to pull this dog out of me, I managed to do so, and, again, the massive knot with the hardest firmness didn't make things easier for me.

Murray, overall, is really a toy for non-lightweights and for those wanting to spread their wings in the fantasy genre. Murray was definitely not a beginner's toy for me, and I definitely wished I would have invested in splitting the firmness at the knot to make penetration easier. The craftsmanship was great, the service was great, I just wished that I knew the product better.

But hey, if you're into the idea of someone giving you a rough time and dominating you by tying itself inside you with a hard knot that will incapacitate you, making you regret it and cry a little at your lack of experience and incompetence, this is the toy for you.
If not, just opt for the medium or soft firmnesses, or invest in the split firmness options. It will make your experience (just) a little better.
Date Added: 12/06/2021 by Joshua H.