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Orca Small


ed. note: This is a translated review. Bracketed terms have been edited for accuracy.

This dildo is a triumph of unimaginable realistic details such as veins and folds of the base from which the "penis" protrudes, the photos do not do it justice. The medium consistency is soft but not excessively limp, allowing the [shaft] not to yield under its own weight. I love its strong and comfortable suction cup, capable of a prolonged hold even on a painted wall (few suction cups on the market have this resistance!). The custom coloring is absolutely perfect, all the colors are reproduced with extreme care, it exceeds all my expectations! The customer service was exemplary: for months [they] assisted me, even in the most singular requests, with kindness, diligence and professionalism of special mention! Unfortunately, but it is only due to my error of judgment, I had to give up its use because I chose the wrong size.
Date Added: 06/10/2021 by elisabetta t.