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Monster Buck Medium


I have finally used this more than a couple times so I thought I could (hopefully) do a decent review on it now. I went with the Deluxe Surprise option and honestly love what the artist came up with. (Here is where I wish we could include pictures of the toy to show off the beautiful art.)

To start, this toy is meant for depth training. Even with Medium Firmness, there will be no thrusting until most of the toy is already inside the user's body. Short, shallow thrusts can happen at that point, but the user will have to be careful to not have it slip right out.

Getting it in is a minor challenge because it is very slick and very wriggly. I have found that the best way to insert it is to make sure one of my hands is completely lube free and use that hand to hold the toy while inserting. Using the hand with lube on it means sliding along the shaft and possibly dropping the toy. Once the tip is in, it will continue to slide and slide until it has settled all the way within the user's body.

Once it is in all the way, it honestly feels amazing. There is just the slightest bit of pressure from having something passing through the Sigmoid Bend, but it is a good kind of pressure. It was while I was making the shallow thrusts with it though that I really began to feel pleasure from it. I could feel the tip moving around, passing back and forth through the SB and there is also a small portion of the shaft that I could feel catch on my rim because it is slightly wider than the rest of the shaft. I think it was the combination of both sensations that made everything feel so good.

This is a toy that can be left in for a while (though not while trying to move around) because nothing ever feels uncomfortable. Of course, with depth play, being cleaned out is necessary, otherwise, it most likely will not be comfortable at all, so keep that in mind!

I think the only part of using it that I do not like is the moderate difficulty with initial insertion. However, as that is something that almost all toys designed for depth play, or even a similar shape will have, I am not going to remove any points.
Date Added: 09/12/2020 by Jack