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I came here to RAVE!!! I just got my "Charlie" an hour ago! If you are "considering" just stop considering and DO IT!! SERIOUSLY! 'I'm vaginal user only & very picky about my toys and this is top of TOP quality! I'd say I'm a lover of the larger end of medium sizes usually type of size queen probably. The girth size is perfect, offers delicious stretch without being too much and the head gives sensational pull and pop! The texture... omg... the amazing texture is probably what made me orgasm within 3 minutes SERIOUSLY NOT KIDDING! Lifecast for the win! I ordered soft head medium shaft (this is the only company I know of that offers this type of split, usually its only the base and shaft & let me tell you this feature is incredible!) Perfect amount of squish and sensation. The length is awesome! I'm glad for it because even though I'll probably never even make it to the medial ring I love the length for easier riding and thrusting. Way sexy fun! I'm sort of like goldilocks with dildos haha! This ones too small this ones too big but let me tell you Charlie is JUST RIGHT! I've had a bad experience from a different major name company because their expensive toys were way to hard of a silicone it actually hurt even though they advertised as soft shore. I was nervous about EE being the same... don't be... I like most of my toys silky soft and super squishy most of mine I even order in super soft ... EE doesn't offer the super soft but I am highly satisfied with their soft anyway it turns out so it turned out very well. Anyway, get this horse dick... you're going to love this horse ride! Oh and they crafted and shipped within the stated time and shipping was great and discreet. They even wrote and extra message on my box for me to deter kids from opening if it would arrive while I wasn't
Date Added: 08/01/2022 by Jessie S.