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Silver Full Flare


I think it goes without saying that this toy is not to be taken lightly, or without a lot of experience and lube. It's taken me a long time to finally be able to squeeze his head inside comfortably (over a year and a half since I bought it) and that's all I can even do at the moment. He fits very snug once he's in however, and basically won't budge, so don't expect to be thrusting with him. It's also very important to note that you SHOULD NOT try to pull him out very fast once he is in! The head will be so wide that the first few times you work it in, it's a bit uncomfortable and a very overwhelming sensation, and you may feel compelled to pull it back out as fast as you can. This is a very bad idea, it can result in damage/bleeding. Be careful, and pull him out very slowly. Definitely more of a plug toy, I almost wish I had bought that instead sometimes except for the fact that not being able to hold the shaft would take away from the experience for me personally. Aside from that, I'm so glad that there's at least one fully flared horse cock that someone managed to capture, I can just stare at this thing all day.
TLDR: Do not buy this unless you can already pound yourself with something at least 3 inches in diameter!
Date Added: 10/07/2022 by Sean S.