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The Buck


As the previous reviewer wrote, the tip is wonderful to reach those inner posterior entry depths easily and much more comfortably than most other toys. I love this new toy I just received, and also wanted to provide a little more information for those considering it, because I feel it reaches anterior penetrative depths better than perhaps the newer Monster Buck 2.0.

As far as dimensions go, the thinner upper section glides in smoothly without much in the way of stretching. I've found over the years that often it's best to go for either girth or length, and too much girth can affect how much depth can be handled easily.

Right about the point where it reaches the upper bend inside, the base thickens nicely for a much fuller feeling at the opening. I was able to take the full 13+" easily the first time, without discomfort.

While I ordered the medium firmness, I imagine going for the highest level of firmness might have been a better idea. At medium firmness, it won't stand up on it's own, and is a little flimsy. I can only guess the softest version would be way too soft to really work well, at least for me.

If you like depth, without large girth at the tip, this is the toy for you! I recommend it highly.
Date Added: 01/09/2014 by Mike