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Silver Plug


I received this from a friend and already love it. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to fit the head in because of the giant circumference and I had to warm up with other toys, but once I got him in, holy &*#$. This toy is huge and puts lots of wonderful pressure on the sides of my vagina.

I had to follow the existing advice and push one side of the head in first, and then push on the other side until it slipped in, and I instantly felt the flare. He locks in place and there is no moving him.

The orgasm was excellent and I'm pleasantly sore in the right places now. I have other large toys that hit about 10 inches in circumference, but I think I like this one more. The length is so manageable for vaginal use.

The head is in soft and I think the shaft and base are firmer, and it's a nice combination. I love the nice, soft texture and details. I have other orders from EE and can't wait to get them and order even more!
Date Added: 12/11/2016 by Stefanie