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Silver Plug


I ordered the silver flare with reservations about the size. Thinking that this may be a little large. As I'm a guy that loves anal play, But I am on the experienced side with larger toys. I wanted something different, something with a unique shape besides all the cock shaped toys I already have. So I ordered the silver flare plug. Waited with anticipation after the order. And I waited and I waited. What seemed like an eternity for it to show up, was really about two weeks.

When I got home I found a package. Low and behold it showed up on a Saturday. Sweet goodness how great that was because I was off work the next day. Which I had a feeling that would be a good thing. So I opened the box, found instructions on how to care for this lovely new animal I have. Pun intended. Some candy and some other literature. So I opened it up and laid it down with my other toys. I knew it would take some work when I looked at the other cocks around it.

But I started the play time. Working my way up to my largest toy. Finally getting to the silver flare with great anticipation!!! I picked it up, slowly rubbing my already lubed up hands on it. I knew it was going to be a great ride. So as its lubed up really well and I'm ready for this. I slide it against the back door. Edging it in. You have to edge sliver in. This beast is to wide across for a blunt entry. But once you get it part way in. The width sucks itself right in. Locking into place, giving me feelings no other toy had ever done.

I left silver in for awhile the first time. Maybe 10 15 minutes or so. That may not seem like a long time. But the amount of pleasure it brought felt like hours. Constantly rubbing the prostate, it sends pleasure everywhere !!! Once it set in place where it wanted to be it was great ! Even waiting for it to settle in was awesome ! But note it will make you leak lots of precum everywhere. But none has leaked out from silver. When it's locked in. It's locked in.

Now since the purchase of this, I also purchased silver flare full size. I've had them for a few months. And they both where worth every dollar. EE has earned a customer for life. Great craftsmanship, detail, shipping and prices. By the way, the fun in getting it in is awesome. The fun taking it out is even more exhilarating. When silver pops out it will leave you breathless facing a major orgasm. I hope this review helps others in the purchase of One of their great products. Don't put it off, go for it. Besides you only live once ! Thanks EE
Date Added: 04/02/2016 by James