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Silver Plug


Oh my God! If you would have asked me "What is the best feeling in he world?" a week ago I would have answered something along the lines of The first day of vacation or maybe even Christmas morning.
But as of now, I would have to say the Silver Plug!! It just feels amazing, super high quality that is absolutely worth every penny.
I chose the "small" version with soft head and medium shaft (which I think was a good choice for several reasons).
Firstly, it is soft and flexible, but still have distinct forms which is perfect for me. I like big toys and love the feeling of being "filled" when I use a plug.
It was easy to insert due to flexibility even though I was afraid it might be too big, but let me tell you, I have a glass plug that is 5cm diameter (2" diameter) that sometimes if I'm not totally relaxed can stretch and almost hurt a little. The small silver plug is 7cm diameter (2,8") and even tho its bigger, it did absolutely not hurt! Not even a little.
I had concerns about size, but thanks to softness, and high quality silicone, I'm now in love with this toy instead!
(FYI - it feels amazing for long term use as well as for short term use).
regarding sizes I´d say, if your very new to using toys go for the mini. If you had some toys/plugs around 4-5cm (1,6-2") go for the small. If you have bigger toys than that before and/or you want challenge yourself a bit I´d say go for medium.

For color I requested the stallion pink which is fantastic looking. I got so excited immediately when I opened the package due to the size and realistic look.
Go for the color you like, but I recommend stallion pink. [Ed. note: This isn't a standard option, but if you choose Pink and request Stallion Pink in the order comments, we can do it for you!]

For all of you living outside of the USA - shipping and production was FAST! I went for USPS express and I had it close to 2 weeks after my order, including weekends and I ordered on a Friday which is even more impressive how fast it was.
Discrete package, and no worries in custom. Super easy to order for us outside of the USA.

As I'm writing this I've been using my Silver Plug small for some hours now and I just placed a new order on another Silver Plug, this time I'm going for medium size, and I'm thrilled and looking forward for my next challenge and I already know how much pleasure it will give me.
All my doubts are gone, my next paycheck will be spent here as a Christmas gift to myself and if your thinking about buying it, all I can say is that it is worth every penny for this feeling.
Date Added: 11/05/2021 by Jonny L.