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Silver Plug


After years, YEARS, mind you, of looking for the perfect plug, this is it! And it is life-changing! I have always had trouble finding a plug, or any insertable for that matter, that goes in and stays in and remains comfortable for any length of time. The eggs from EE come close, but once the egg is in, it's an all or nothing kind of thing.
Getting it in is something of a challenge, but some practice, and lots of extra lube, and I'm pretty good at it now.
Ah, what a wonderful distraction from the cares of the day!
I haven't tried wearing it to the grocery store yet, but when I do I can be confident it won't slip out while I'm bending over (and moaning with pleasure) to pick up a carton of milk.
It bears repeating: perfection!
Many thanks, EE!
Date Added: 01/22/2020 by Timothy