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This is Jackson's " little brother' . It's flare does not put as much oomph on an orifice as he does but this guy in the graceful god of leading you to those massive dongs whether your a strict equestrian and "if it don't flare then I don't care" to, I want to be as stretched out an loose as possible for the next massive thing I try to conquer. He's much more mild, the ridge itself is a literal delight to feel just scrape your insides giving you a message no normal shaped toy can. So if you're looking for a great 'gateway' toy that is between "large" and "really fucking huge" this big guy is your best bet. So whether or not your looking for the soft, full feeling that having this guy in soft would give you. A good solo experience that medium would give you allowing you some more resistance to make up for a lack of a partner, or hard for those either single or with someone of a similar disposition to figure out what you best mare impression looks like this guy is a great pickup. If this is your first on Exotic Erotics make sure your eyes are not bigger than any orifice that your about to stick this guy in and plenty of lube is always welcome.
Date Added: 07/27/2021 by James B.