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Cody's Hoof

Starting at: $55.00

At exotic-erotics, we’ve developed a bit of a reputation for foolish foods in April. For 2023, we thought it was time for something a little more grounded. If you’re hot to trot, Cody’s Hoof has plenty of horsepower for you. Available in 3 sizes, you can grab the 6 inch Small and put a pony in your barn, get a leg up on the 8.5 inch Medium, or drop your pants and feel a draft with the 10 inch Large.

You can start with the tip for a gentler insertion, but if you’re feeling your oats, take the whole hoof at once and let Cody ride over you roughshod. Pull up at the pastern to rest a moment, but don’t spit out the bit, you’re in the homestretch! Spur yourself on and slide down to the fetlock, where you’ll find unbridled passion with a little extra stimulation from the horseshoe base!

Note: On this model, the suction cup works best when inverted and rolled against the surface, rather than pressed down.





Cody's Hoof Small


Length: 6 in.


Useable: 5 in.

Hoof Bottom

2.62 in. (6.66 cm)

8.46 in. (21.49 cm)

Hoof Tip

2.06 in. (5.22 cm)

5.75 in. (14.61 cm)


2.31 in. (5.87 cm)

7.17 in. (18.21 cm)


1.49 in. (3.79 cm)

4.74 in. (12.03 cm)


2.07 in. (5.25 cm)

6.11 in. (15.52 cm)


Cody's Hoof Medium


Length: 8.5 in.


Useable: 7.25 in.

Hoof Bottom

3.73 in. (9.47 cm)

11.33 in. (28.78 cm)

Hoof Tip

2.77 in. (7.04 cm)

8.62 in. (21.90 cm)


3.29 in. (8.38 cm)

10.08 in. (25.62 cm)


2.12 in. (5.38 cm)

6.43 in. (16.34 cm)


2.94 in. (7.48 cm)

8.52 in. (21.64 cm)


Cody's Hoof Large


Length: 10 in.


Useable: 8.75 in.

Hoof Bottom

4.69 in (11.90 cm)

14.51 in. (36.86 cm)

Hoof Tip

3.62 in. (9.19 cm)

10.26 in. (26.07 cm)


4.02 in. (10.23 cm)

12.47 in. (31.69 cm)


2.59 in. (6.58 cm)

8.03 in. (20.40 cm)


3.84 in. (9.77 cm)

10.67 in. (27.11 cm)

To find the circumference of each point, multiply the Diameter by 𝝅 (3.14) 

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