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The Do-Nut Doughnut

Starting at: $100.00

Here at exotic-erotics, we usually like to celebrate April Fool's with a healthy harvest for your holes. But sometimes you just need a cheat day, so this year we felt a tempting treat was in order. Introducing the Do-Nut Doughnut, a scrumptious spire of sweets made to pleasure a pole instead of a hole!

Our first stroker, the Do-Nut Doughnut is made of soft Shore 00-10* silicone that will yield to every thrust while delivering plenty of pleasure due to it's intensely textured "doughnut hole." The texture changes as you get deeper into these doughnuts, so flip them around for a different sensation! While it's soft, this toy retains silicone's trademark sturdiness, so this tower of dough can take a pounding (or a fisting)! Get it in the "Golden Doughnut Brown" color for that freshly baked look, or choose from any of our regularly available colors. Select Yes on the Glazed option to get a random glaze drip like in the product photos, but we're sure you'll be adding your own glaze to these doughnuts no matter the colors you choose!

*Please note that this silicone feels slightly tacky to the touch. This is normal, and it feels less tacky when wet.


Length: 6 inches

  Diameter Circumference
Outside 3.15 in.     (8.00 cm) 10.24 in.    (26.00 cm)
Core 0.87 in.     (2.21 cm) 2.75 in.       (7.00 cm)


  • Shipping Weight: 1.4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Exotic-Erotics

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