Giraffe Tongue Small

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When you look at the giraffe, the overall impression is on length. Sure, a giraffe is tall, but that's simply a side effect of having such a long neck and legs. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the giraffe's tongue is just as long. How long exactly? Well, long enough to take food from you and still be well out of petting range, as you may have found on your last trip to the zoo. That's impressive, but at over 20 inches long, it's also long enough to scratch their own ears!

Once you know that, you may begin to wonder what it might feel like if that tongue belonged to an adventurous giraffe with some exploratory urges. Well, we've got you covered! Exotic-Erotics' giraffe tongue will slide hungrily into your most private depths, while it's slight curve caresses every inch of you. Like all of our animal models, the giraffe tongue is modeled as closely as possible to the real thing. This includes a Natural Markings option that includes 4 colors and detailing that makes every toy a 100% unique piece.


Total Length - 10 inches
Useable Length - 7.50 inches




  Width Thickness
Tip 1.13 in. / 28.75 mm .47 in. / 12.05 mm
Midpoint 1.32 in. / 33.65 mm .65 in. / 16.55 mm
Tongue Base 1.50 in. / 38 mm .84 in. / 21.35 mm



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