Rhino Horn XL

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Cody, our shop's mascot, likes to think that he's our horniest model. After all, he tries every toy, in every size, the instant it's available. But we think the Rhino Horn might take that title away from him. After all, Cody is an anthro-horse, not a unicorn, so he has no horns. And this beautifully sculpted model has two, making it the horniest part of exotic-erotics aside from our customers.


The Rhino Horn is a versatile toy, with its two curved horns spaced so that they can be used separately, or squeezed together for a wonderful stretched feeling. For vaginal use, you could sit face-forward to fill both holes, or ride reverse and use the smaller horn for clitoral stimulation while the curve of the large horn puts pressure on the G-spot. The Rhino Horn can also be highly customized. Each part of the toy has it’s own drop-down menus for color and firmness. Start with the Large Horn, and then for the Small Horn and Base you can choose a different color and firmness for an additional fee, or keep the same option(s) by choosing the Same as Large Horn/Same as Small Horn options. This will allow for a fully customized toy that’s unique to you!


With this model, and the Randy Rhino, the rhinoceros has given us a great gift, and we want to give something back. A portion of the profits from these models will be donated to Save the Rhino International, whose broad-spectrum efforts aim to stop rhino poaching and reduce habitat loss. This makes the Rhino Horn a great toy if you want to do some good while you get to feeling good!

  • Shipping Weight: 6.15lbs
  • Manufactured by: Exotic-Erotics

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