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Ouroboros Cock Rings

Starting at: $8.00

A snake eating its own tail, the ouroboros is an ancient symbol that signifies multiple ideas. While in some cultures the ouroboros denoted renewal and spiritual rebirth, others viewed it as a cycle of the seasons. Others saw it as a sign of balance, and our favorite, a fertility symbol. Now the exotic-erotics Ouroboros Cock Ring embodies that ancient symbol while encircling your girth.

Made from stretchy, sturdy platinum-cure silicone, this snake comes in 3 sizes. With inner diameters of 1.27, 1.53 and 2.02 inches, there's plenty of options for sliding these serpents onto your staff and sack. Available in 5 colors: Apple Green, Russet, Bright Gold, Antique Bronze and Grey, which really shows off the details!


  Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Ring Circumference
Small 1.27 in.  (3.23 cm) 1.74 in.  (4.41 cm) 0.82 in.  (2.09 cm)
Medium 1.53 in.  (3.88 cm) 2.03 in.  (5.15 cm) 0.82 in.  (2.09 cm)
Large 2.02 in.  (5.13 cm) 2.47 in. (6.28 cm) 0.82 in.  (2.09 cm)


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  • Manufactured by: Exotic-Erotics

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