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Mission Statement

Exotic-Erotics specializes in high quality silicone adult novelties. We are the only adult toy company making live cast products. These are high quality castings of live animals, which means that our toys are the most realistic adult novelties on the market. Whether you are looking to fulfill a fantasy or are simply wanting a more intense experience than many other companies can offer, you've come to the right place. In addition to our live-cast toys, we have a line of sculpted animal toys. Whether hand sculpted or 3D printed, we have striven to make the most realistic products possible. All of our animal sculpts are heavily researched, and then fine-tuned to make them as pleasurable as possible while maintaining a stunning amount of realism. And if you're looking for something even more exotic, check out our fantasy line. From anthro horses to werewolves, we've got something to satisfy everyone and every hole.

Each Exotic-Erotics novelty is custom made for our consumers, meaning you get a toy personalized to your taste. Due to the huge variety of options available for each toy, we do not keep stock on hand, so please keep this in mind when ordering and choosing your shipping option. If you need your toy by a certain date, it's a good idea to contact us first to make sure it's possible. We do our best to get each order out as quickly as possible, but there are always limitations to how fast a custom order can be produced.




http://www.exotic-erotics.com/store/images/products/Bishop.jpg                  http://www.exotic-erotics.com/store/images/products/Howard.jpg

                                      Bishop                          &                        Howard


Two new lifecast models in complementary sizes.





There's something wonderful about getting caught up in a good fantasy story. It's not just the adventures, but the unique cast of characters unlike any you find in a mystery or romance novel. Whether it's a world strikingly similar to our Earth, or a forgotten realm that bears no resemblance to your daily life, when the story starts to get good, it almost feels like your favorite characters could jump straight off the page. From that inspiration, we've taken your favorite fantasy creatures and brought them straight from the page directly into your bedroom. We're proud to announce Exotic-Erotics' first full line release in a whole new category!


Presenting five new models to help you travel the epic settings of your favorite tales! From the rolling hills where the Halfling makes his cozy home to the deepest forests where the trees don't feel the need to put down roots, and places in between, we hope these new models will be your steadfast travel companions as you undertake a fantastical journey to the most pleasurable lands of your imagination! Come check them out!


Werehorse Flared

This handsome beast has been waiting rather impatiently to make his grand debut, and what better time than Halloween? With two different versions and five sizes each, you're sure to find one that's right for you!