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Scorch the Hellhound Small


This review is written for a Small Scorch in Medium firmness.

The upper portion of the shaft is good for G-spot stimulation both when facing up and facing down. If using it solely for G-spot stim, though, I prefer to use the ventral side (the side w/ the three dots) as the raised bumps hit me just right. The knot provides a very full sensation, and it?s comfortable to leave in if that?s what type of play you like. The pop of the knot is also hella good.

If you enjoy mental stimulation via handjobs/oral play on the toy, it?s very nice to run your hands over! The knot functions pretty well as a stress-squeezy in the medium firmness. And the head of the cock is very nice to give a little kiss to! The textures are nice on the lips.
Date Added: 11/02/2017 by Cassandra