Male pics: Quadruple penetration :D

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Yes you heard right I have done a quadruple penetration :D  Now that being said I did not, let me say that again DID NOT hilt all 4 toys.  I only took 2-4" of each toy and then added the next toy.  I used Buck 2.0, monster buck, medium orca, and large torpedo.  I almost got a 5th one in being trumpet.  So when I have time on weds or thursday being off, I will take and post pictures of this feat.  I am jus too tired after trying out 11 toys trying to come up with the right combination of toys to stuff my cute ass with :D

 :o Congrats!  That's no small feat.  Can't wait to see all those hotties having their way with you.   ;D

Ok people as promised I was able to get 2 pictures of me doing a QUADRUPLE yes that is 4 sex toys being stuffed up my ass, enjoy friends :D

In me are Buck 2.0 Hard firmness (pink/flo red.), Original Monster Buck hard firmness (red), Medium Orca hard firmness (natural), and a large torpedo hard firmness (black)

Now that's IMPRESSIVE!!  :D

why thank yas :D  It was a pleasure doing it :D  Next time I am going for 5 toys :D


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